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I would like to tell a small story. In July 2005 I just graduated from AIC. Me and
my son Joshua were poisoned by the home we lived in. Improper ventilation
and hazardous materials (thin set cement) were located in the basement. We
breathed this material in for over three years by the time it took over our
systems. Filling the skull and nasal passages, lungs and lymphatic system. We
went to every pain specialist at Denver Health and Children's Hospital for
treatment. The answer seems to be the same everywhere we go. The bottom
line is the doctors didn't know how to treat the problem. The only thing they
could seem to do is just band-aid the situation with pain medication. Over the
next five years my son grew up and so did his height and size proportionately.
This was the key to his healing, over this time his cavities grew and allowed the
material to release. We then started looking into other options to help speed
up the process for my son and I. We went to several holistic healers,
acupuncturists and chiropractors. We received help from the “Chanda
Foundation” to overcome some of the financial difficulties I was having. She
helped fund treatment for over a years time. This was the start of something
beautiful, a new avenue other than
western medicine to help heal my body. In
2010 I met another person, “Teri Rosen” (health consultant) who introduced me
to the importance of diet and supplements. This was another amazing
breakthrough for me as well, a way to help lower the inflammation in my body.
She introduced me to “Maria Lee” in 2011. Accredited as a Diplomat in
acupuncture for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and
Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and is currently a professional member of
NCCAOM and the Acupuncture Association of Colorado (AAC). Not only was I
blown away by her credentials but there is allot to be said about who is putting
the needles in. Like I had mentioned before, I have had acupuncture and
noticed a benefit. It wasn’t until I had a full month of treatment from Maria that I
realized how in-tune she was to my ailment. I have been her patient and taking
recommended Chinese herbs for over a year. Its been a combination of things
that have led up to this point in my life, but I can actually say. I’m going to make
it. Largely due to the help and guidance of Maria Baraybar Lee. Thank you so
much for helping me threw a very hard time in my life.

Your friend for life,

Greg Ortega
When I was eight years old, my dad and I moved into a home that poisoned us. I
want to thank Maria, who helped us get better in the best ways possible. With
Chinese herbs and acupuncture to focus my chi. She is not only the best at
what she does, she has made me one of the most happiest people in the world.
Not only for helping me get threw the last hard parts of getting better. But for
her also helping my father. I’m glad to see her every other week helping me
and my dad. It is thanks to Maria that I get to spend allot more time being
happy, healthy and spending more time with my family.

Thank You,

Joshua Ortega

Twelve years ago I suffered with a ruptured disc that was compressing my
spinal cord sheath. The pain was intense and I could only walk with the use of a
cane. I was referred to acupuncture. There were 2 and i scheduled with Maria
after an unsatisfactory experience with the first acupuncturist. Maria listened
to me and started treating me. After a few months, I was able to cancel my
scheduled surgery. Maria has maintained my health since that time. i consider
her to be my primary care provider. I only schedule traditional care after I have
seen Maria and have been treated by her. Today I am thrilled with the quality of
my life especially how physically active I can be. i owe this healing and health to
Maria. I look forward to her being my primary care provider for many more

Thank You,

Allyson DeNieu