Maria Baraybar Lee

Maria was born in Lima, Peru. She studied biology at Saint Agustin University in
Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru.  As a biologist, she worked with several
international projects for the Wildlife Conservation Society, New York Zoo and
National Geographic.  She also worked as a nurse with Down Syndrome children
and as a dental assistant while she was completing her studies in biology.

As a Biology student, she was required to research a topic in microbiology, and she
chose AIDS.  At that time people were not very familiar with this virus and she
worked with patients at the biggest hospital in her hometown, Hospital Honorio
Delgado Espinoza. This is when Maria became more interested in working with

Soon after Maria moved to this country, she had a severe car accident that almost
claimed her life.  She had a serious head injury and was depressed because she
was unable to function.  Western medical doctors gave her strong pain medication,
which helped her sleep, but did not help her heal.

A friend of Maria’s recommended Dr. Ron Rosen, OMD, Lac, who was considered
the best doctor in Chinese Medicine in Denver. After the first month, she was
driving on her own. That is when she became more interested in the healing effects
of Chinese Medicine.  Dr. “Doc” Rosen was her inspiration to become an
acupuncturist.  After she healed, she applied to acupuncture school, and mentored
under “Doc.”

Because of Maria’s personal experience, in both her professional and private life,
she is committed to helping her patients heal quickly.  She encourages her patients
to become more involved in making conscious decisions about their health, to
create greater balance and wellbeing in their daily lives.

Maria has been in practice since 2001. She also speaks English, Spanish and

Degrees and Certifications:

In 2001, Maria graduated from the Colorado School of Chinese Medicine in Denver,
Colorado.  She is accredited as a Diplomat in Acupuncture for the National
Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and is
currently a professional member of NCCAOM and the Acupuncture Association of
Colorado (AAC).

Her education includes extensive instruction in the theory and practice of TCM, with
over 2260 hours of clinical and classroom training in acupuncture, Chinese
herbology, Chinese dietetics, Chinese massage, Qi Gong, anatomy, physiology,
microbiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology.  Her continuing education has
led her into the specializations of women’s reproductive health (gynecological
disorders), using the Hunyuan Method, facial rejuvenation or cosmetic
acupuncture, mental and emotional stasis, immune balancing and support
(including digestive disorders), pain management and overall wellness.
                                    1529 York St. Suite 200, Denver, CO 80206                       303-333-9977 or 720-275-1205